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There are several jewelry shops in Dubai Mall that are selling bracelets. Today, bracelets became an unavoidable ornament for both men and women. You can find different variety of bracelets with unique designs and styles at the shops in Dubai Mall. Most of the jewelry shops in Dubai Mall are offering wide variety of ornaments such as rings, necklaces, chains, earrings, and bracelets. Dubai Mall is one of the best places in Dubai where you can find world’s best jewelers who provide good quality jewelry pieces. Dubai mall is considered as an indoor gold souk with 220 retail jewelries.

Mahallati Jewelry at the Dubai Mall showcases diamond jewelry pieces that suits to any occasion. You can wear diamond bracelets bought from Mahallati jewelry gracefully on your hands. Mahallati jewelry is the manufacturer, retailer, and wholesaler of diamond jewelry. Mouawad jewelry is a place where you can find unparalleled designs and styles of jewelry pieces. Mouawad employs master craftsmen and designs to make unique creations. Damas International jewelry has nine different jewelry stores in Dubai Mall. The nine stores of Damas in Dubai Mall are Damas 18k, Concept Shop, Les Exclusive, Tiffany & Co, Graff, Paspaley Pearls, Damas Italia, Leo Pizzo, and Folli Follie.

Les Exclusive is a store of Damas, where you can find exclusive jewelry brands along with in-house brands. You can find bracelets at Les Exclusive along with other jewel pieces. Damas 18k offers international brands of jewelry along with regional brands of jewelry. Concept Shop showcases upcoming and trendiest jewelry pieces to its customers. Tiffany & Co provide elegant and timeless jewelry pieces including bracelets. Paspaley Pearls is a store famous for South sea pearls from where you can purchase originals pearl ornaments. Graff is famous for diamond jewelry and they are selling diamond with 4 C’s. Damas Italia consists of Italian jewelry pieces of different designs and styles. Folli Follie at Dubai Mall features modern branded jewelry and watches. Leo Pizzo consists of stunning pieces of jewelry exclusively for woman.

Pandora Jewelry at Dubai Mall offers bracelets naming Pandora charms which are of good quality. Dhamani is a jewelry that sells pearl and diamond jewelry pieces. Baccarat in Dubai Mall is a place where you can find ageless beauty of crystal jewelries. Al Fardan Jewels & Precious Stones jewelry is famous for pearl trading. Al Fardan offers international brands of diamond jewelry which are available in different forms such as bracelets, chains, necklaces, etc. Levant Jewelry has finest collections of jewelry pieces ranging from pearl, diamond, gemstone, and gold.

Levant jewelry offers earrings, rings, jewelry sets, pendants, and bracelets of unique designs. Joy Alukkas is a famous jewelry operating throughout the world. At Joy Alukkas jewelry, you can find variety of ornaments which are suitable for both men and women. Joy Alukkas is a retailer which sells diamond studded ornaments, gold ornaments, ornaments studded with gemstones, and pearl ornaments. Joy Alukkas also offers a wide variety of bracelets as individual pieces or included with jewelry sets. Enjoy shopping bracelets at the shops in Dubai Mall.